We now have available a limited number of MooJuice CackleBerries (farm fresh eggs) available on the farm and by delivery to the customer. These eggs are laid by hens who live in a chicken house, with access to their choice of nest boxes and roosts, locked up for protection from predators at night, with free range to roam and interact with nature in their yard during the day. They have always available to them a standard layer food ration and clean water. Their diet is supplemented periodically with our table scraps, whey from cheese-making and all the bugs and green growing things they can find.

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Goodbye to Aubrey and Shelby

It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to Aubrey and Shelby who have been with us for the past several months. They have added greatly to the progress of our project. But starting a dairy business from the ground up is a labor-intensive, financially challenging endeavor requiring that some of us have independent sources of income (other jobs). At this point Aubrey and Shelby have found it necessary to move on to seek employment outside the area.

They will be missed, but we wish them well and hope that they will find not only jobs that will support them, but the experience they desire living close to the land with sustainable agriculture.

Milking Parlor Tear-Down

Milking Parlor Crud Close Up Aubrey and Tristan at Work

Two weeks ago, Aubrey and myself, along with our trusty assistant Tristen, took a short road trip up to Bucyrus, Missouri to tear down a milking parlor. Though we have yet to either procure the land we want or build ourselves a structure to put it in, we took the opportunity to purchase a mostly intact milking parlor when the ad appeared on Craig’s List. After taking a look at it in mid-January, we finally got a break in the cold and snow to spend two days in a barn without heat and electricity.

At Work. Sink and CIP

With much huffing and puffing, the parlor slowly came apart and made it’s way into the trailer. It made for a long two days but we ended up with about 3/4 of the stuff we need to put together our future milking parlor. It was a small step but a crucial one.

Aubrey Makes Dinner. Sausage.

Friday night’s fancy and elaborate dinner was certainly well-deserved after our long and dirty day.