An update on cows

We know you folks like to see what our girls are up to, so here’s some pictures of our ladies and their calves living it up on the farm.


Some of our girls enjoying alfalfa after milking.


Elsie’s tiny boy Juan conversing with a barn cat.


Sophie’s calf “Jojo” as she was found hiding out shortly after her arrival.


EJ is due to have her calf in March.

Hog Love and Returning Cackleberries

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we’ve got the hogs together to start our spring breeding program. We plan by fall to have a supply of hogs that were bred from our own stock. We intend to utilize a cross breeding program to incorporate into our pork the favorable traits of several popular breeds.


Meet Rebel, our boar, a pure bred duroc.


This is a group of Berkshire cross gilts, and one boar that we recently acquired. We intend to keep the absolute best out of this group to add to our breeding program.


Our pure bred Old time Spot gilt. We have high hopes for her future as a producer of F1 cross piglets.


Bacon, did I hear you say bacon?

And as spring approaches and the sun hangs around a little longer every day, our hens have begun to produce more cackleberries. At the moment, we are making eggs available to our regular milk customers in increasing numbers, but we ask that you be patient with us and our girls until we are again at full capacity.


Our hens enjoying their new palace and gearing up for the spring laying season.

Holiday Hogs and a Happy New Property

A lot has happened in the last few months, and the result is that we’ve closed on a property right across highway 13 from our previous location. We’re still milking at Shane’s right now, but we’re working hard to make this property our new home.



For the past few weeks, our dogs have been enjoying the hike as we explore the land.



We’ve let a few of the calves have full reign of the pasture, where they get to run around in the wilderness and be kids.


And a hog pen that was built in the first days is now occupied.



(P.S. If you’d like any pork or beef, give us an email at for details)

And right now we’re working on the chicken coop so we can move our birds over.

We’re all really excited about this new step in our business, and will be bringing the benefits of having our own land to you by giving our cows a new home, expanding our list of products and introducing new methods into our process.

From all of us here at Moojuice, Happy Holidays and have a safe and wonderful New Year.

Welcome Millie!

Norma gave birth to Millie in the heat of the afternoon on 9/24/14. Shane and the kids took a break from their chores and watched from a distance when they discovered the birth in process. Norma was at first a very protective mother who didn’t want us near her baby. But she has chilled out a bit and now lets us lead Millie with a rope into the barn during milking time. And Millie has decided she likes to have her ears scratched and her neck rubbed.

photo (13)

Look Who’s Expecting

This is Norma. She came to us last winter from Lisa’s herd over by Hartville. She helped provide milk for all of us until a couple of months ago when she was “dried off” in order for her to relax and prepare for her calf, who is due any day now. Once again, thanks, Lisa.

photo (12)

Welcome Latte!

This week we had the opportunity to acquire this 5 day-old beauty, a heifer who we hope will grow to become one of our milking herd. She’s a spunky girl who’s already giving our track star Maud a run for her money in the calf pasture.

photo (14)

Meet Liam

This is Liam. He was born last week at Cocoa’s former farm. When we went to get him on Wednesday we were able to say hi to Nate and to let him know how much we appreciate having Cocoa with us. He had taken his place as udder brother to Chuckie and Maud.

photo (11)