Frequently Asked Questions

What products do you offer?

We offer raw, ungraded milk and cream. We do not pasteurize our dairy products. Visit our pricing page for more information.

Are your cows grass fed?

Our cows are kept on pasture year round. During the warmer parts of the year, this means the majority of their diet consists of delicious green grass. When the grass isn’t growing, we provide locally-produced alfalfa hay. However, due to the enormous strain of producing 5 or more gallons of milk every day, supplemental nutrition is necessary to maintain the health of any milking cow.  We feed a custom-blended, high-quality grain ration free of any byproducts, fillers, chemicals or drugs.

How are your cows treated?

Moo Juice Creamery is committed to treating our cows ethically and humanely. We use low-stress stock handling techniques championed by Dr. Temple Grandin. Our herd is always on pasture, and have plenty of opportunity to exercise and just “be cows”. Our nutrition and veterinary programs are designed to maximize the health of the herd and individual cows, not milk production or cost savings.

Do you use any artificial hormones or drugs?

We do not treat our cows with any hormones or drugs to boost milk production or growth rate. Drug use is restricted to medically recommended treatment necessary to preserve the health of our cows. No milk from any treated cow is offered for human consumption until our veterinarian has indicated those drugs are gone from the cow’s system.

Is your operation organic?

While we follow many organic practices, our operation is not and will not be certified organic. Specifically, organic dairy certification requires that cows treated with medically-necessary antibiotics be permanently excluded from the milk line. In practice, this means that any cow who gets sick, is treated, and recovers must be sold or culled. Our commitment to humane treatment of our cattle prohibits us from agreeing to such a practice. Of course, any cow undergoing medical treatment with antibiotics, or any other drug which is expressed in the milk, is excluded from the milk line until those drugs are gone from her system.

Is your operation GMO free?

We strongly believe that high-quality milk should not be a luxury, but should be available to people of all income levels. Our single highest recurring cost is our custom-blended supplemental feed, which is necessary to provide balanced nutrition for our herd. Our feed includes both corn and soy, which are almost universally GMO crops in the United States. We have investigated sources of non-GMO grains, but have discovered that they cost almost twice as much as commodity grain. Insisting on the use of non-GMO feed would drive up the cost of our milk, pricing it well above what many of our customers can afford to pay.