About Us

We’re a two-family operation joined by a common goal to provide quality milk products to local consumers. Our mission is to produce affordable milk and value added products using smart, sustainable agricultural practices. Unsold milk, as well as a portion of all production, is set aside for local families in need. We stand committed to the belief that healthy, delicious, local milk should not be a luxury.

At this time we offer raw milk in half gallon glass containers, sold off the farm and by direct delivery to the consumer. Please see pricing and delivery for more information.

Our Past

We began milking a single cow for our families in a converted horse barn, using a hand-built stanchion and an ancient bucket milker. We gave excess milk to acquaintances, friends, and churchmates. As time has passed, we’ve increased our herd to match our customers’ increased demand for local raw milk.

Our Future

Our immediate plans include increasing our customer base and developing our herd of Jersey cows. We intend to acquire land and build a Grade A dairy. Ultimately we will expand to value added products, including butter, yogurt, fresh and aged cheese.
Giving back to our community by further developing our charitable milk program will continue to be an important part of who we are. You are invited to follow our blog and watch our story unfold.

Our People

After a 40-year career in human medicine, Sarah seeks to fulfill her childhood dream of being a dairy farmer. She is drawn to the rhythm of the milking parlor and finds great pleasure in bottle feeding calves.

Shane, a farrier for the last 24 years, is excited by the opportunity to teach his children the value of hard work, honesty, and fair treatment of others. He believes that being a part of Moo Juice Creamery will be a wonderful place to teach these values.