A New Well House and Settling Into the Farrowing Facility


Our new little well house in the pasture.


Digging a trench for the waterline from the well house to the new milking facility.


A Gray Tree Frog in the well house. You can hear these frogs in the evenings as the weather warms. Learn more about this species here.


Berkshire/Duroc cross pigs on the new floor.


Crossbred replacement gilts in the new hog house.


Sows on the new floor.


An inside view of the new farrowing and growing facility.


Jordon and Brandon castrating young boars.


Brandon catching boar pigs to be castrated.


The future of Moojuice meats, more crossbred replacement gilts.


Brandon Bell counts the teats on young pigs to determine if they can be retained as sows in the future.


Jordon Criss notching the pigs ears as a way of permanently identifying them.


Jordon holding his little gilt “Scarlet.”


Jordon removing the razor sharp ends of the pig’s needle teeth. This is to prevent damage to the mother’s udder and causes no harm to the piglets. Dalton in the background recording the pig’s identification number and other important information.


Dalton inspecting a newborn pig.


Jordon taking a “bird’s eye view” of the farm.


Rudy, our two-year old bull.

Hard Workin’ Autumn

Winter’s coming just around the corner (though you wouldn’t know it by this weather), but we’re not slowing down at all here on the farm.

There’s been work on a farrowing house for our mother pigs.

Plotting the location
Plotting the location
Getting the corner holes dug out.
Getting the corner holes dug out.


Here’s Mama Pig with her piglets.


We cut our first hay…



And our cows get to enjoy it.


The goats needed a fence.


We’ve had a lot of brush to clear.


And of course, a few calves have been born recently.

Our lovely Sophia with little Sammy



Lucy, the first calf born on our farm, has now given birth to her own first calf, Ladybug.



Ladybug invites a friend to breakfast.


Fifi, ever the protective one, had her calf in secret, and it took us a little while to find little Suellen.


Tiger enjoying a meal while Catherine keeps in the shade of pasture trees.


This is Renee’s little Dew Drop


But even with all this work, we still have time for a little fun.

Eeyore (front left) often leaves his calf herd in the pasture to come visit Jack (back right), whose job it is to protect the goats.


Jordan and Jack
Jordan and Jack
Investigating the new farm dog.
Investigating the new farm dog.


So, how do you get the milk out of this hose?


Holiday Hogs and a Happy New Property

A lot has happened in the last few months, and the result is that we’ve closed on a property right across highway 13 from our previous location. We’re still milking at Shane’s right now, but we’re working hard to make this property our new home.



For the past few weeks, our dogs have been enjoying the hike as we explore the land.



We’ve let a few of the calves have full reign of the pasture, where they get to run around in the wilderness and be kids.


And a hog pen that was built in the first days is now occupied.



(P.S. If you’d like any pork or beef, give us an email at contact@moojuicecreamery.com for details)

And right now we’re working on the chicken coop so we can move our birds over.

We’re all really excited about this new step in our business, and will be bringing the benefits of having our own land to you by giving our cows a new home, expanding our list of products and introducing new methods into our process.

From all of us here at Moojuice, Happy Holidays and have a safe and wonderful New Year.

Milking Parlor Tear-Down

Milking Parlor Crud Close Up Aubrey and Tristan at Work

Two weeks ago, Aubrey and myself, along with our trusty assistant Tristen, took a short road trip up to Bucyrus, Missouri to tear down a milking parlor. Though we have yet to either procure the land we want or build ourselves a structure to put it in, we took the opportunity to purchase a mostly intact milking parlor when the ad appeared on Craig’s List. After taking a look at it in mid-January, we finally got a break in the cold and snow to spend two days in a barn without heat and electricity.

At Work. Sink and CIP

With much huffing and puffing, the parlor slowly came apart and made it’s way into the trailer. It made for a long two days but we ended up with about 3/4 of the stuff we need to put together our future milking parlor. It was a small step but a crucial one.

Aubrey Makes Dinner. Sausage.

Friday night’s fancy and elaborate dinner was certainly well-deserved after our long and dirty day.